"Anti-capitalism", like "Anti-globalisation", is a term used by the corporate media to describe a movement it either doesn't want to understand or can't be bothered to. If "Anti-Capitalism" is the best way you can think of to describe your belief set, perhaps it's worth thinking about what that means.

Sure, be against capitalism, but please be for altruism, anarcho-syndicalism, primitivism, freeganism, giftivism or whatever else. If you have an alternative to capitalism, let's hear about it!

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Capitalism is the economic system that gave us the oil crisis, the SUV (Suburban Utility Vehicle) and the automatic washing machine. You may feel that mankind was better off without any of this, but remember, it also gave us the internet. You may feel that the internet is shit, but since it brought you this message, you'd better stop reading now unless your prepared to agree that capitalism is not all bad.

Even if capitalism does reward those who are destroying the planet's life-support system, commodifying, consuming, and generally despoiling all that is of real value, does that mean it's worth protesting about this? It may be defined as low-level terrorism, but how much is it likely to achieve? With controlled corporate media coverage distorting the picture, it's hard to reach those who have been seduced by consumerism, or so heavily damaged by mass confinement schooling that they're in perpetual denial about living a life they hate. A personal touch, talking friend to friend, encouraging your friends and family may well achieve more than an anonymous 'demonstration'.

Most of the world already knows what capitalist civilization does to rivers, forests, wildlife, societies, cultures, traditions, to individual and collective psyches. We've seen it. Why choose it? Most people didn't. People adopt a capitalist lifestyle because traditional ways are being rendered impossible by capitalist 'progress' whether through environmental damage, legal or financial wizardry. Many have had it forced on them down the barrel of a gun. Do you think Iraq needs to hear an "anti-capitalist" message? Most of the countries of the world are Iraqs of one form or another.

What is needed is a viable alternative to the capitalist economic system, or preferably a whole host of alternatives. People will put up with capitalism only as long as nothing better arrives. As the economic "crisis" bites, even that is in doubt.